“And that’s not all, folks!”

Image It may be hard for some to believe but this isn’t all of my family. Technically it was a gathering of the Eubanks clan but a few didn’t make the picture for different reasons. My mother in the red shirt, is one of ten children and since my beloved Aunt Katherine passed away two years ago, the oldest child. My father standing beside her is a Holmes but he’s been married into the family for so long, I think he’s absorbed some Eubanks DNA . He is most assuredly loved and appreciated by all that surround him in this picture.I grew up thinking that everybody had this many cousins and aunts and uncles but that’s just not true and ,for some, that’s just fine. They like having a small family . As for me, I can’t imagine my life without them. For some reason, years ago, I acquired a nickname, “Mouth of the South” and it was busy Saturday I admit but having acquired some common sense over the years ,it shut tight at times and my eyes and ears took over and I listened to stories and watched the faces of my family. I heard the old legends and juicy stories and mostly I witnessed the power of love. I guess one had to be there to truly understand but the love was amazing. Not perfect, it didn’t heal all illnesses or magically fill the missing spaces with those we have lost but it did enable those of us who were there to remember them with joy. In the days and years to come, there hopefully will be more gatherings like this but ,the memories made on this day are special in their own right and I will cherish them till the end of time. Good morning!

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