To just lay down and look at the sky

Image                                                      To just lay down and look at the sky.Most of us don’t do that anymore,maybe for the occasional meteor shower or star gazing. Some live in areas  that it might be a bit dangerous to do that but for those who are able to and have the kind of intelligent soul that understands the need to connect with both the earth beneath and the sky above,well, this activity expands the mind and feeds the spirit.We walk on concrete and barely spare a glimpse at what is over our heads,maybe make a comment about the contrails we spy but when was the last time we actually laid down and looked up. Now the photograph depicts the Spanish moss and trees that I had to look through on that particular day but even that soothed my soul, the soft swaying of the moss in the breeze that wafted through the woods. I’ve been in areas that there was nothing between the earth and sky but me and the sky was massive and awe inspiring. So, if you get the chance,do a little sky gazing,it might just help. Good morning.



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