Cooperation does work

ImageAt least that summer day on the back deck in a play kitchen,the cooperation between Aidan and Chayse worked just fine. Those two had a great time cooking up imaginary feasts and  spending time with each other. Oh if we all could be like that but we adults aren’t like that now,are we? It’s easy for some of us to forget history we are not  presently living in but as far as old records  and oral histories handed down through the generations bear witness to, we have always been squabbling. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least attempt to get along but “Utopia” is not nor will it ever be possible no matter how many laws are passed dictating every little move we make. The old adage, “Two wrongs don’t make a right” is so very true and if one is discriminated against and then turns around and does the same thing to another, that just makes them as bad as the one who originally did wrong to them.Actually in my humble opinion, it makes them worse because they know how humiliating it was  but these are just words and opinions and they are mine, my views, my perspectives .I take responsibility for myself ,too bad more don’t.  Perhaps if logic and reason and common sense were utilized more ,life would not be such a mess right now but that doesn’t make such a flashy “politically correct flag” to rally behind right now, does it? Good morning



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