Once more into the breach

I just sat here and pontificated on the new changes that WordPress.com has snuck in on us apparently overnight. I was eloquent,emotional,and somewhat snarky . Apparently the old way of doing things around here has changed due to some airheads decision to change for the sake of change. A “look what I did that’s new” type of decision that does not sit well with me. I started this writing exercise a while back to help ease my ungodly writers block and it has to a certain extent. My unfinished collection of short stories is still waiting more entries but I did get some inspiration from the new change I found when I logged in here this morning. I envision a tale of a computer feeding on a programmer bit by bit,byte by byte because even its electronic circuits tired of the latest and greatest ,change simply for the sake of change .I do want to pinch the person who ultimately made the decision to reformat because you could have waited until after the Fourth of July and my mini-vacation but no, you wanted to have people drop in awe of your “change” . Like good Queen Victoria, “I am not amused” . Perhaps someone will rearrange your office and not tell you so that you walk in and bark your shin. I would buy that person a steak dinner or sushi. So, I have vented and ranted and ,in my mind, visualized quite a few “gotcha’s” for this person and feel somewhat better but perhaps it is time to quit the “crutch ” and go back to real writing and let the cast of characters in my mind travel on into their separate stories . We shall see. Good morning.

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