To silence a muse

Apparently it is quite easy for some faceless ,nameless office drone masquerading as the go to person for tech change for no good reason other than to tick me off.It’s Tuesday and no, I am still not liking the new change. The negativity threatens to bled over into my other writings which is not good, especially in the children’s stories but oh, my new bully is now a tedious computer nerd full of their own pompous mediocrity and self importance. These vicious little reviews and digs at WordPress may go unnoticed but by golly, I will have my say. I despise change for changes sake. If it is not broken, please don’t fix it just to justify your existence. Even we unpublished writers like a little courtesy and care and i just don’t feel the love coming from WordPress with this new change. Am I going to continue my wordy tirade? Probably not ,no one seems to be paying much attention to it anyway but just venting it has made me feel just a little bit better. Good morning

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