Rainy days and Mondays

phone pics 3728Ahh, it’s Monday morning and yes, it’s raining outside my window but it’s not “getting me down” like the old rock song.Wet, oh yes indeed but the green color of the grass and trees deepens and softens when it rains and that is pleasant to look at. Some people, in areas of the country who are suffering from a drought, are actually paying a company to paint the lawns green . Imagine having to pay someone to give color to the blades of grass when God does it so much better  but we here aren’t begging for life giving rain today so my heart goes out to those people. I was dreaming earlier about being in a lush garden during a heavy rain and I was standing under a roof of some kind while this man was brushing a child’s wet head and he said to me,” Ultimately when I brush this little one’s hair, I’m brushing Adam’s hair, Adam’s head” and right about then is when my child knocked on my door so I don’t know which Adam he was talking about but obviously the rain falling outside my bedroom window had penetrated into my subconscious which made it rain in my “dream garden”. Now  as much as I am enjoying the rain today, it also makes certain arthritic joints twinge a bit  but my eyes are gleefully telling my joints to hush and enjoy the peaceful steady rain and I think I will take my morning cup of coffee outside onto my front porch and do just that! Good morning!


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