Just another bend in the road

laptop pics 121 Life is like that at times. There we are motoring happily down a straight road and here comes a bend or the road stops and we have to turn onto another road to get where we are going. Now,we have GPS and if it has been programmed properly, there is no trepidation about continuing our journey, the little voice tells to turn right or left or continue straight on and we arrive at our journeys end but back when I was a little girl ,there was no such thing as GPS ,there was only my dad and most of the time, he managed to get us where we were going fairly well. Well, there was this one time and this one road that led us into an adventure, we even had to ford a stream with our car,seems to me that was Georgia Highway 2 but I could be remembering wrong. I do remember my dad was always prepared with his tool belt and other materials stored away in the trunk, prepared for an emergency . Daddy’s life journey has gone around bends in the road before and he’s never truly gotten lost,just turned in a new direction and kept going, certain he was headed in the right direction and could handle the road ahead. My life is fixing to change, my “journey” is going around a bend and things will be different but I’m counting on my “GPS” or “God Positioning Satellite” to help me make sure I turn in the right direction, that I get on the right road . Doesn’t mean I’m not a little unsettled by this new ” bend in the road” of my life but panic never helped the lost and weary traveler and it won’t help me now.Somewhere ahead is my next stop and I just have to trust I will make it and be welcomed . Good morning!


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