memories and moments

Brenda at 13 I remember the heat of the summer day as I walked, trudged more likely ,up the road behind my grandparents trailer  that led to my Aunt Katherine’s house. She was painting my portrait and that made me feel special. I remember sitting in the wicker chair and listening to the sound of her voice when she spoke. I don’t remember what she said or even what I must have said for I was sure to have to been eager to talk even when she told me to sit still.Mostly what I remember is that special feeling, that feeling that there was something worth committing to canvas about me if my aunt was taking the time to do just that. That portrait hangs on the wall beside my desk ,not because I love to look at my younger self but because every time I look at it, I am reminded that I was special to Julia Katherine Eubanks Evatt  and most importantly, I was loved by her and that knowledge can brighten the gloomiest of days. Good morning and Happy Birthday Aunt Katherine, 

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