“Why you worried Nanny, I’m a big boy!”

Ethan Russo “I mean, look, see how grown up I am? I’m doing my business on the big potty and I know how to do all this stuff you taught me! Those other kids will be amazed at how smart and fun to play with I am. My coloring skills alone will garner me play dates galore and my tomahawk chop and baseball knowledge will ensure the guys are impressed ! My rendition of “Let it go” from “frozen” will ensure the ladies fall in line to be my girl so relax, I got this daycare thing nailed!”  Oh little one, my logical brain knows all this and knows how this is just part of the process of you getting bigger but Nanny’s heart just sees that cute little baby and hopes that somebody hugs you during the day, that they understand when you say no, that you’re just testing your boundaries, that their timeout for those moments when you didn’t follow their “rules” will work and you ‘ll understand why you can’t do what you want all the time. I’m hoping today is a big success and you can’t wait to go back but oh how I miss you already!

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