“Big boy school was a breeze!”

phone pics 784 “Ooh ,Nanny, you should have seen the playground and i got to play on the playground with all these kids and I had fun!” Well, he didn’t say it in exactly those words but he was greatly impressed by the playground and let’s face it, NannyB just doesn’t have a playground so I expect he will be glad to go back on Monday and continue to explore the wonders of that place.When he arrived this morning, he was very vocal about his disappointment with my lack of that play area but “Let It Go” started playing on the TV and “Frozen” saved my bacon! I actually had to put the movie in the DVD player, one song was just not enough for him (Disney Channel  was on the TV!) so now I am listening to that movie for the millionth time like so many parents, grandparents and caregivers in the world since our little ones discovered that chilly cinematic triumph but it is making him happy and that is what it is all about.I’ll be playing more movies on the days he’s here, just downgraded my cable service to basic so as to lower my bill enough hopefully so I can keep it and i had a great time chatting with the little guy on the other end. Yes, I do believe he was in India but he was so very sweet and helpful. maybe ,just maybe, we do get back what we give at times because i started off my call with a positive statement. I’m being positive about Ethan’s start in the fascinating world of “big boy school” or daycare because with all my heart, that is what I want back,for his experience to be positive, to add to his knowledge and enable him to build  friendships with other children. Now, that’s not to say that a part of my heart is breaking because he doesn’t need me so much anymore but that’s life. Babies are born, so new and precious and one blinks and there they are all grown up. His world is changing and so is mine but the last three years are priceless to me and I treasure every moment I have spent with him,,even the diapers for that is a part of life too! A very smelly, messy part but life is messy at times so we clean it up and keep going and that is what I am going to do, keep going. Where,I’m not sure yet but yes, my habitat will most likely have to change since my income is changing . Once again, that is the way life is. Good morning!

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