Into the woods

misc pics 012 I think I will be spending some time in the woods today,at least, on my computer. Since Ethan is at big boy school today, I believe I’ll “play” with my little “woodland kids” and see if i can get them back home,safe,sound and wiser. Then, the mind blowing task of sorting through clothes and paperwork awaits me.The dreary and mundane have taken on Monday now,well, unless I just “stay” in my imaginary forest, I can’t imagine a world without imagination or being a person that doesn’t have the capacity for “what if”.! Imagine not being able to look at an ordinary object like a plain wooden box and not see the journeys it has taken to get to the table in front of you or see the decoration in ones mind that can spring to life once the brush or carving knife is in the hand.In this country ,we pride ourselves and having our feet firmly on the ground and that is a good thing. Flights of fancy with nothing tangible to support those dreams crumble rapidly into dust but life with out fancy is a dull shade of gray .There have been times in my life that my vivid imagination has kept me sane because it enabled me to escape and believe in something bigger than what was right in front of my eyes.Now if only I could use that imagination to pay my bills! Good morning.

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