It’s just one of those type days

ripplesIt’s what  I like to call a reverie day. When motivation has eluded ones grasp and the need to just sit and gather wool takes over.Oh, I haven’t been entirely worthless this morning. I washed a load of clothes,took a shower, even shaved my legs but I find myself wishing I were sitting in a camp chair beside this little inlet down on St Simons,just watching the ripples ,listening to the seabirds and feeling the briny air on my face, not thinking about anything in particular, just letting the thoughts come as they may ,only to be discarded or saved .My new change may turn out to be a good one, at least that is what I am telling myself. The turning off of the television may just lower my stress level and I do have a stack of YA books to read(sorry, I will finish soon!) and Holly Black does have a talent for the genre! I have become, by necessity, a creature of habit,When I had a little one here five days a week, he needed a certain amount of routine, after all, daycare or pre-school,both have planned activities and schedules . Now, on the days he is there, my schedule is starting to unravel, my habits are becoming not so habitual and maybe that will be a good thing. Enable me to make the big change which is coming eventually. I found myself watching one of the little videos I make from time to time so his mom can see what he’s up to and wondering, in the years to come,if he’ll even remember me. I’ll never forget him and never forget to be thankful to his parents for sharing him with me . Little things and little ones do mean a lot!. Good morning.

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