“And he’s baaacckk!”

phone pics 2482 Well, for today,at least! Oh it did my old heart good to see that smiling face and twinkling eyes this morning. The night was difficult, worry and stress conspired together to keep me from falling asleep so NannyB is just moving a little slower this morning but there is just something about his face that lightens my load and makes me believe that everything will be just fine. Night time, when the head hits the pillow, is when everything decides to do an all out assault on my self confidence and like the character played by Julia Roberts says ,”The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?” . She’s right unfortunately, all the worry, the things implied but not outright said,those we believe while the positive stuff we take with a grain of salt big enough to dry up the Atlantic Ocean. However, today is a bright new day and the sun is shining outside and Ethan is being super cute inside and it is enough to be loved ,needed and appreciated by him.  Good morning.





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