How many?

misc pics 055 Just how many of these charming children,and they were, grew up to have cancer or some kind of terminal disease ?So far, as far as she knows, the birthday girl in the middle of the picture has escaped it but trust me, she bears little resemblance to that young healthy female anymore. Knowing won’t change anything much, those not present anymore won’t be brought back and those suffering from cancer probably won’t be cured but it would be nice to know what precisely caused the disease that is slowly but surely eradicating those friends and family I grew up with. When one reaches a certain age, one expects to hear about the demise of ones friends parents but not the dropping left and right of those children they used to run around on the playground with or pass notes in class. . Maybe it’s because I am sitting here in a quiet house with just one lamp on contemplating my future but it has bade me ask, am I next?

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