Just another bend in the road

laptop pics 121 Life is like that at times. There we are motoring happily down a straight road and here comes a bend or the road stops and we have to turn onto another road to get where we are going. Now,we have GPS and if it has been programmed properly, there is no trepidation about continuing our journey, the little voice tells to turn right or left or continue straight on and we arrive at our journeys end but back when I was a little girl ,there was no such thing as GPS ,there was only my dad and most of the time, he managed to get us where we were going fairly well. Well, there was this one time and this one road that led us into an adventure, we even had to ford a stream with our car,seems to me that was Georgia Highway 2 but I could be remembering wrong. I do remember my dad was always prepared with his tool belt and other materials stored away in the trunk, prepared for an emergency . Daddy’s life journey has gone around bends in the road before and he’s never truly gotten lost,just turned in a new direction and kept going, certain he was headed in the right direction and could handle the road ahead. My life is fixing to change, my “journey” is going around a bend and things will be different but I’m counting on my “GPS” or “God Positioning Satellite” to help me make sure I turn in the right direction, that I get on the right road . Doesn’t mean I’m not a little unsettled by this new ” bend in the road” of my life but panic never helped the lost and weary traveler and it won’t help me now.Somewhere ahead is my next stop and I just have to trust I will make it and be welcomed . Good morning!

Rainy days and Mondays

phone pics 3728Ahh, it’s Monday morning and yes, it’s raining outside my window but it’s not “getting me down” like the old rock song.Wet, oh yes indeed but the green color of the grass and trees deepens and softens when it rains and that is pleasant to look at. Some people, in areas of the country who are suffering from a drought, are actually paying a company to paint the lawns green . Imagine having to pay someone to give color to the blades of grass when God does it so much better  but we here aren’t begging for life giving rain today so my heart goes out to those people. I was dreaming earlier about being in a lush garden during a heavy rain and I was standing under a roof of some kind while this man was brushing a child’s wet head and he said to me,” Ultimately when I brush this little one’s hair, I’m brushing Adam’s hair, Adam’s head” and right about then is when my child knocked on my door so I don’t know which Adam he was talking about but obviously the rain falling outside my bedroom window had penetrated into my subconscious which made it rain in my “dream garden”. Now  as much as I am enjoying the rain today, it also makes certain arthritic joints twinge a bit  but my eyes are gleefully telling my joints to hush and enjoy the peaceful steady rain and I think I will take my morning cup of coffee outside onto my front porch and do just that! Good morning!

For those who need bikinis

laptop pics 184 Perhaps this handsome gentleman whose name I can’t remember will fill the need for some to see bikinis. I have to admit ,it wasn’t his attire that caught my eye, it was his grin. His utter delight in the day’s festivities, and most likely a few liquid libations helped to spread that delight from ear to ear, just captivated me and I snapped a picture to remember the happy moment. I’ve been lucky and blessed enough in life to have quite a few moments like this one although not all found their way to a photograph, they do live on in my memory.I do have a lot of musical memories and Jimmy Buffett figures in a few of them. Politics aside, the man works really hard doing what he loves and is lucky enough to make a really good living at it.

To silence a muse

Apparently it is quite easy for some faceless ,nameless office drone masquerading as the go to person for tech change for no good reason other than to tick me off.It’s Tuesday and no, I am still not liking the new change. The negativity threatens to bled over into my other writings which is not good, especially in the children’s stories but oh, my new bully is now a tedious computer nerd full of their own pompous mediocrity and self importance. These vicious little reviews and digs at WordPress may go unnoticed but by golly, I will have my say. I despise change for changes sake. If it is not broken, please don’t fix it just to justify your existence. Even we unpublished writers like a little courtesy and care and i just don’t feel the love coming from WordPress with this new change. Am I going to continue my wordy tirade? Probably not ,no one seems to be paying much attention to it anyway but just venting it has made me feel just a little bit better. Good morning

Perhaps not…

Perhaps they didn’t realize I used the visual, the photo to start the words coming because the blank page acts like alum and dries up the flow of words. The faces or scenery exhibited in the snapshot brought passion and meaning to what I wrote. I proposed one time, a writing project with a photographer, they would take 12 photographs of various things and I would write 12 short stories to pair with each picture. Until my eyes quit completely, I am a visual person, I love art and photography, looking, studying paintings and photos and seeing the obvious but looking still deeper and seeing what is not so obvious.I do that in life as well, try to look behind the obvious, see what lies hidden . So, this week I will attempt to adjust to this new format on WordPress but ,just right now, I am not happy as this is a change I did not request or clamor for. Good morning.

Once more into the breach

I just sat here and pontificated on the new changes that WordPress.com has snuck in on us apparently overnight. I was eloquent,emotional,and somewhat snarky . Apparently the old way of doing things around here has changed due to some airheads decision to change for the sake of change. A “look what I did that’s new” type of decision that does not sit well with me. I started this writing exercise a while back to help ease my ungodly writers block and it has to a certain extent. My unfinished collection of short stories is still waiting more entries but I did get some inspiration from the new change I found when I logged in here this morning. I envision a tale of a computer feeding on a programmer bit by bit,byte by byte because even its electronic circuits tired of the latest and greatest ,change simply for the sake of change .I do want to pinch the person who ultimately made the decision to reformat because you could have waited until after the Fourth of July and my mini-vacation but no, you wanted to have people drop in awe of your “change” . Like good Queen Victoria, “I am not amused” . Perhaps someone will rearrange your office and not tell you so that you walk in and bark your shin. I would buy that person a steak dinner or sushi. So, I have vented and ranted and ,in my mind, visualized quite a few “gotcha’s” for this person and feel somewhat better but perhaps it is time to quit the “crutch ” and go back to real writing and let the cast of characters in my mind travel on into their separate stories . We shall see. Good morning.

Cooperation does work

ImageAt least that summer day on the back deck in a play kitchen,the cooperation between Aidan and Chayse worked just fine. Those two had a great time cooking up imaginary feasts and  spending time with each other. Oh if we all could be like that but we adults aren’t like that now,are we? It’s easy for some of us to forget history we are not  presently living in but as far as old records  and oral histories handed down through the generations bear witness to, we have always been squabbling. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least attempt to get along but “Utopia” is not nor will it ever be possible no matter how many laws are passed dictating every little move we make. The old adage, “Two wrongs don’t make a right” is so very true and if one is discriminated against and then turns around and does the same thing to another, that just makes them as bad as the one who originally did wrong to them.Actually in my humble opinion, it makes them worse because they know how humiliating it was  but these are just words and opinions and they are mine, my views, my perspectives .I take responsibility for myself ,too bad more don’t.  Perhaps if logic and reason and common sense were utilized more ,life would not be such a mess right now but that doesn’t make such a flashy “politically correct flag” to rally behind right now, does it? Good morning