School is starting back

336_1041399717502_780_n School is starting today in spots and that means fall is on its way. It’s not here yet,we’re still in the season of summer but we’ll blink our eyes and the leaves will start to wither and fall and the cold will chill our bones and summer warmth will be a memory we bring out to remind us the cold will not last forever.I still say school should not start until September but I say a lot of things most don’t pay any attention to and that’s just the way things are.I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee and waiting on my my workday to begin. I had an idea come to  me in my dreams last night so I am going to trot it out in the short story I’m working on and see if it fits,if not, I’ll file the snippet away and maybe use it in another later. I have five months left in 2014 and I am determined to finish the writing projects I have neglected. Good, bad or simply unreadable, they will be finished and if I can save up enough to buy more printer ink, I’ll even print them off to lie in drawers for unsuspecting relatives to stumble over. It has become important to me at least to finish things, I’ve lost too many people I love and  care about and while some had lived a good long life ,some  were nowhere near the true finish line and to find something halfway or two thirds finished and wonder what the writer was going to write next would be maddening to me so I will attempt to spare anyone given the task of sorting through my stuff that annoyance,Most likely in the event of my demise, it will all be swept willy nilly into garbage bags but just in case.On a lighter note, my tomatoes are getting ripe so I may get to enjoy my first  homegrown tomato sandwich this weekend. I wish for all I love a great weekend,use it wisely and tell those you love how you feel for one never knows when that will be impossible to do . Good morning.


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