I’m at my best when…

I’m at my best when I’m helping. When I’m both needed and ,more importantly, wanted. That’s the clincher,when what I am doing makes a difference and is truly wanted and appreciated by the person I’m doing it for. Most of us ,if we are honest , feel better about our lives if the people in them actually want us around. The worse feeling ever is feeling like we’re only tolerated ,what I call the “eye roll” feeling. When someone you really love and care about rolls their eyes when someone else asks them about you.Sometimes I believe or maybe I want to believe they don’t even realize they’re doing it. That it’s just become habit over the years because I wasn’t always the “jewel” I’ve become(hey, trust ,I am a better person now!) but a hard one to break. I know, I know, I make mistakes too, mostly because I tend to not listen to my wiser gut instinct and go with someone else’s opinion because they must know better than me, correct? Wrong! After 52 years of life, I have come to the conclusion that even I am right sometimes. Brenda the brat does get it right part of the time and if the rest of the world has trouble accepting that, then that makes it their problem ,not mine. It’s Monday August 4th and I have the rest of my life to think about and one thing I have decided on is to like me, just as I am even if no one else does , I do so good morning and have a nice day y’all!


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