Summer’s End

phone pics 2510 Yes, the yellow school buses have started their trips past the house and the children in the neighborhood, their daily treks to meet them so, for them, summer is at an end. Me ,not so much! I mean it is warm and sunny outside today , not a leaf falling or bird migrating to be seen  but oh those little minds must be inside in a desk . I mean ,after all, before they started starting school so early, people were just plain dumb. Nothing was invented,written ,painted … yes, I am being extreme sarcastic to make a point,which is this. Children need to play and parents need to parent and if both are happening correctly, that child is learning all the time even if it doesn’t appear that way to a “child psychologist”(whom I blame for half of the mess kids are in these days!) Some children do well in an organized learning environment and some don’t and won’t even if they are forced to attend year round . The one size fits all mentality is best left out of a lot of things and I believe education is one. However my opinion matters little to anyone except me so,drive carefully out there in the mornings and evenings now and save a child’s life  and for those who aren’t confined inside, enjoy “Summer’s End”! Good morning.

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