It’s that day again!

phone pics 2460 Oh boy, it’s Wednesday. The middle of the week,Oh,okay, it’s Hump Day as the camel says and this little “office man” will be back today and I am happy, happy,happy as Phil says! I always thought i was flexible,not set in my ways but I am prone to routine,My normal routine has been set on its ear and I am carefully trying to find a new one and I have realized why the sudden change unnerved me. It’s not that the change is bad,it is very good but it is that my old routine helped me not to forget  things. Now we do need change from time to time ,life doesn’t stand still for anyone and no matter how much one loves how things are at any given moment, life will change, the best we can do is to be able to change.I am setting myself a goal of being ready for winter. What this entails is doing a good fall cleaning which is actually spring cleaning that I put off but I never said my “normal “routine  included sorting out closets or in my case,closet.Ethan will enjoy dragging stuff out I’m sure,he’ll think it’s a fun game and perhaps I should take a lesson from him.I have been acting too much like the “grasshopper and not as the “ants”. My winter approaches and summer wanes so ,rolling up my sleeves and getting the little house ready for what is to come. Coffee is good this morning and good morning to you all!


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