The picture does tell a story… if you know all the facts

misc pics 020 I found myself recounting to my oldest daughter the story not told by this photograph. The picture shows me as a toddler sitting on an inner tube. One could wonder why I don’t look so happy and make statements about “tired toddlers” or  “spoiled brats not getting their way and being in  time  out” but ,as much as I wish that had been the case,it wasn’t. The fact is that this  little girl looking rather sad, was suffering from, what my mother and a lot of family have told me over the years,  bad plumbing! Bad plumbing in that my inner workings just don’t look quite the same as the normal rule. Happened in utero and if my family doctor at the time had done what he should have, we might not have known until I was much older but he didn’t and it came down to do an invasive reworking of those tubes and bladder and kidneys or say good bye in three months and my parents opted to be brave and have faith and say yes for which most of the time I am extremely grateful. Nowadays, they probably do to babies in the womb, the same type of surgery they did to me but in the early 60’s ,it was still not necessarily done to one so young, especially in this part of the country so yes, it is a big deal to me. I owe my life and those of my children and grandchildren to two parents ,brave and loving and two brilliant and caring doctors( thank you Dr Garner and Dr Howse!) and an extended family and caring community who “circled the wagons” and helped  support  us during those times with prayer and love . I have no memory of that time except what I have been told but I do have a permanent reminder of a temporary affliction and I will never stop saying thank you to those who kept me alive! Good morning!

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