Just me and a baby

misc pics 003 Well not just any baby,this baby has grown up into a very talented and accomplished woman. The culinary confections that come from her hands are not only tasty but amazingly decorated. She has a very warm and loving heart and a capacity for fun that spreads outward to those around her and causes smiles ,chuckles and grins to pop out all over! Well, I’m her aunt and that is how I see her, my perspective is just what I have written,matter of fact she reminds me of another relative who had those very qualities. This crazy world has lost so many wonderful people but as painful as those losses are, there are others to help fill in the gap where those marvelous souls once stood. No, they’re not the same person lost nor do they cause all the pain to go away. In some cases, the pain is a constant companion but in my opinion and in my experience, it lightens the heavy load of sorrow and angst to see a smile or hear unfettered laughter ,to receive a warm hug  even if it is not from the person I so wish it could be. Good morning.

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