Oh! Her?

misc pics 017Yes, the girl who thought she could stay out all day under the sun and not get sunburned.Back in the days of baby oil slathered on without thought of skin cancer or a future of skin texture like a leather saddle bag, I spent a fun filled day out under the warm sun, splashing and playing in the apartment complex swimming pool. Now I forgot about the reflective ability of clear water. At 15 years of age, all that occupied my mind was how cute a certain young blonde guy was and how much fun I was having. Some thought other things were rambling around in that brain case but no, just how cute Joe was and how great it was to be swimming in a nice clean pool instead of a muddy creek . At any rate by the days end, the area of my upper back  looked liked some one had painted it a bright vermilion . Two rounded splotches of pain stayed on my back for days. As my quirky memory tells me, it was almost a 3rd degree burn but back then, I just knew it hurt like heck. Now having told that, do I have the dreaded skin cancer yet? No, not yet but the possibility of it in my future is possible  but so far I’m  free and while my skin is a bit dry these days, that’s more hormones than over tanning. So I still use baby oil but in warm baths that soften the skin and ease the pain of arthritis. I still swim ,though not often,but slather sun block everywhere I can reach by hand or spray  and I still have fun but mostly inside sitting in front of this computer monitor  or wrangling kids who always make my heart grow stronger and so full of love . Oh yeah, I didn’t hide the keys,I found them,under a Kleenex(now who was going around with one in her hand? Not me!) but that ship has sailed and the milk has spilled and I’m just thankful to still be here to remember it! Good morning

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