Everything old is new again….

misc pics 052Well,sort of new. I am starting to see signs of my paternal grandmother when I look in my bathroom mirror. I have since childhood grown used to being told I resemble my maternal grandmother but never thought I bore much resemblance to my Nanny Holmes until just recently. It’s not as pronounced, mind you, but it is there. One of my earliest memories of Nanny was her eyes twinkling through the screen door as she bent down to peer at me when we came to visit. I’m not sure if my eyes twinkle exactly like hers but when I put my ever thinning hair up in a tiny bun on the top of my head like she was prone to do, I see her. She was born in a much different time than I was , but given how things are going these days, I think she might just make the statement “everything old is new again” herself meaning this time is really starting to resemble the time surrounding my birth.  The sayings , “here we go again”, “same song second verse” come to mind but ,for today,I am just going to concentrate on the “old” is “new” again in me. The old love and joy shown by my Nanny is new again  in me and that, my family and friends, is a very good thing! Good morning.

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