If it’s not right for me….

40114_1679836558024_1300835408_31873518_7302411_n If it is not right for me to do it, then it stands to reason it is also not right for you to do the same as well, but I am finding a double standard these days.So many seem to be saying one things and yet ,when one looks at what they actually do, their actions do not match their words. We are all guilty ,to one extent  or other, of doing the same thing but when one is a leader or  spiritual adviser , then a much higher standard must be adhered to. Do not condemn me for making mistakes and being human when you are unwilling to turn the same mirror back around and peruse your own soul for dark actions. Do not condemn those in the past for their mistakes and sins when you are basically doing the exact same thing yourself. Just because you’re wearing a different “robe” or “skin”  or even a different  “sex” does not give you a free pass to commit the same sin or injustice you rail against. The old saying  ” Two wrongs don’t make a right” is actually very true. The very public actions of some alleged “leaders”  would not make those in our past proud, but instead cause them to ask ” Was my death for naught?”.  Something to think about but most won’t. Good morning.

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