Just another ripple…

ripplesLife is just that way. Just as one thinks the waters are smooth and might stay that way, here comes some bozo and another stone is thrown in the middle of the lake or the wind picks up and the ripples start. Now if no more stones are thrown, those ripples will eventually stop but the wind is a much different story. On a truly windy day, that water could stay rippled all day long into the night and during hurricane season, well any duck sitting on that body of winter would need Dramamine to keep down their dinner. While it is soothing to gaze into a smooth body of water, one free of ripples or drama,life is simply not that way, never really has been but as long as there’s a balance, a stretch of smooth followed by ripples and so on, we adapt and so does the duck. Right now, we have ripples,major ripples and it may be “hurricane season” again eventually but “God willing and the creek don’t rise” we will get through it. Have faith,have another cup of coffee and quit chunking stones. Good morning.

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