Perhaps the drought is ending

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After all, some words are flowing from my fingertips this morning , even if they aren’t the perfect ending to my latest short story or the organized middle to my long awaited novel. I have heard writers talk about their characters almost like they were real people and I would imagine to portray them believably in narratives, they would have to be as close as one could get them,correct? Perhaps not in stories about super heroes , most of us don’t have men who fly through the air and can see through buildings hanging about in our lives but even Superman, as portrayed by Christopher Reeves , was shown to have an all too human type of emotion.My problem ,as I see it, has been a reluctance to finish and let go, to send my characters out into the cold,cruel world and have others treat them with indifference and contempt. They were born in my creative and chaotic mind so any unjust criticism (notice I said “unjust” ,not constructive which is always welcome!) is a personal affront but as a very wise person once said, writers must develop a thick skin and let the slings and arrows bounce off …or words to that effect, I do tend to paraphrase when my spotty memory lets me down. I am sitting here, drinking my rapidly cooling,most excellent second cup of coffee and contemplating my colorful cast of characters ,milling about in the waiting room of my imagination,muttering about how long they have been waiting to break free and show themselves to the outside world of which they show no fear of. Fear is the worst enemy of any artist or writer,musician and so on as it can cripple and silence  and ,sometimes, keep from the world something truly incredible and enriching. So, as the trickle becomes a stream and the stream becomes a creek, maybe the creek shall turn into a mighty river or the scant raindrops become a steady rainstorm(for those who insist on continuity in my theme!) and on this day as we remember and give thanks for those who fought and sometimes sacrificed their very lives for us, my drought of words shall end and my characters defeat the fear that keeps them confined!  Have a marvelous day today!