Start as you mean to go on

I’ve heard that phrase most of my life, start as you mean to go on. Put your best foot forward is also a phrase often used in the same context meaning to not begin something with your worse expectations or weakest efforts but begin expecting to succeed. In battle , one would send in first the strongest soldiers so as to ensure the opposing army was weakened in that first onslaught enough for a successful battle to be fought. I’m starting my life over yet again and I do mean to put my best foot forward and I’m starting today as I mean to go on, strong ,determined and ready to succeed . In case of a stumble, I am prepared to go down but come up fighting . I was told by another writer that when the block appears to just write what one is thinking and do it on a daily basis and soon whatever problem was causing the word flow to slow to a trickle or stop completely will work itself out and the stories in ones mind would present themselves ready to be preserved for posterity . I hope and pray he was right because my back load of works in progress is rather massive by my beginning standards and I would dearly love to write the end on them all.


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