Birthdays and Mondays

It’s Monday , has been since midnight but I was happily snoozing away then so I was not made aware it was Monday till 4am when the television set came to life in the livingroom. When my brain is roused from slumber, it immediately starts in trying to solve the problems directly in its path and now that it has had 11 days of being a 55 year old brain, the gray cells have come to the conclusion that doing the impossible with the improbable is for much younger brains.  This particular photo of myself ,age 1, shows my intent on ingesting as much of that birthday cake set in front of me as possible. Since I am not in possession of what happened after this picture, I can only assume cooler heads prevailed and I was prevented from putting myself into a sugar coma. Sun is coming up outside and today promises to be anything but boring. Coffee is needed and a bit of Solomon’s wisdom but I am going to hold on tightly to what little bit of optimism I have and wish you all a good week and a hopeful reminder that Friday is only 4 short days away! Eat cake, laugh and never forget this phrase,” it could be worse!” ….”could be raining!”

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