The walk

Yes, I did walk down the hill this morning and ,gasp….back up the hill with not only my trusty cedar walking stick(thank you Matt Breese!) but the mail from the mailbox and my two canine companions ,Max and Sport. Needless to say (but I will!) , the trek back up the hill took a bit longer and required a couple of stops to drag oxygen into my lungs. Oh what a magnificent morning, no cars whizzing by, no canned voices blaring out their agenda from the television set, just nature. Nature the way God intended with birdsong and sunbeams and air that while laden with pollen was relatively clean. Amazing what a dose of ibuprofen, a good nights sleep and a strengthened resolve will do for the energy levels. The journey ahead will not be easy but I knew that coming in so when the “seas get rocky” , I’ll walk here on Rocky Top and let God fill my spiritual energy reserve. Mother Nature shows how well she does her job here and I am very grateful to be able to partake of it. It’s Tuesday and the week lies before us, gird your loins my loved ones and breathe deep! Friday is coming!!

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