Fabulous Friday

And it is , a fabulous Friday. The sun came up, breakfast was made and consumed and the very unlucky millipede who was crawling across my floor was having fun until the “wrath of God ” came down on his head or ,in this case, my mop! His fab Friday ended abruptly but that’s how it goes for spiders,insects and snakes who try to invade my boudoir! I debated on which image to use to illustrate my musings this morning and while I have tons of photos of people smiling, this one picture of my grandson Blake just caught my eye. Look at the joy in his face, he knows he’s loved and appreciated for just being who he is . Now this is an older photograph and the young man is older now but when he smiles at me, it still gladdens my heart and makes me feel that it was all worth it, every bit of the journey I’ve taken in my life. The good was wonderful, the bad was painful but it served to underscore how truly marvelous moments like the one pictured are. It’s Friday ,Good Friday to be precise and supposedly a day of fasting and penance in the Christian world. Whether you believe or not, would it hurt to at least take time to stop and think ,maybe do something nice for someone else just to be nice,even if it does nothing to profit you except for a warm feeling inside your heart? The fasting part ,unfortunately for my soul, is beyond my attempts but to me penance means confessing ones sin to God and since He already knows, I plan on just being good to my fellow man today and smiling like Blake. Try it, you may find that smiling and feeling joy feel so much better than jumping on bandwagons and being bombastic. Happy Fabulous Friday!!


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