Let’s go fishing

Now this particular fisherman has grown up a bit since this picture was snapped.Looking across the lake at Harlech, this moment deserved to be frozen in time .So much has happened since then. We’ve all grown older and some have developed gray hair(me!) but everything has worked to turn us into the people we are now and that is okay. I’d much rather have done without the bad times, no one truly enjoys pain or sadness but it does serve to underscore those times of pure joy and on Easter Sunday , the opportunities are rampant for those moments if we don’t get too caught up in all the gloss and glitter. If you don’t believe or attend church , then find someone to visit and bring some company to their lonely life, if you do believe and are blessed with faith ,go and be glad in the company of those who believe as you do. I believe in the “Fisherman” ,not the one pictured though I do love him dearly, the other one that truly loved even me so much He died for me . Have a great weekend and be safe and happy. Love you!

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