Tuesday’s treats

Now who can look at that cute face and not have a smile come or a warm feeling arise in their heart? Not me, but then babies have always made me smile ,most of the time. We’ve all had those moments when we’ve opened the nursery door and shut it quickly because we couldn’t believe our eyes or had these days with a wee sick one when we doubted our sanity but ,for the most part, I have never regretted having children because look at the “dividends”! I think the moment Aidan came in to this world ,everything just got that much better and there were more. Madi is the last, no more little ones after her but I’m not greedy, I dearly cherish each and every grandchild I have. I truly didn’t understand my grandparents happiness at being grandparents until I became one, just like I didn’t understand what my parents went through till I became a parent myself. It changes or is supposed to change the way one looks at life. Ones understanding of a situation at 16 changes when one stands in a different position. One day, this little girl may become a parent herself and hopefully a grandparent and I’m praying she understands how precious a gift she and the others have given me. It’s Tuesday and she’s a treat and ten times cuter now than she was then! Have a great day and remember tomorrow is “Hump Day” and closer to Friday!! Love ya!

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