Look to the sky

The evening sky was quite beautiful last night. The way the sun hit the clouds made them look like a big luscious meringue sitting atop a delectable pie. Not inspirational to those who diet and watch their weight but pleasing to my eyes at least. Oh ,don’t get me wrong, I trudge up and down the hill everyday or 5 days a week in order to perhaps shed a few pounds  and strengthen muscles long unused but I still love food. Eating it especially but looking at a well made dish is fun as well. The best tasting dish loses something if it isn’t pleasing to the eye as well. Yes, hungry folks will eat most anything but when one isn’t starving, most like the contents of the plate to please the eye as well as the palate. It’s a package deal, having the outside match the inside. People can be exceptionally beautiful on the outside and yet, bitter and unpleasant on the inside. They can also be like a balloon, all shiny and puffed up ,yet when one is opened up, there is nothing of substance found inside,just air. I strive to be more pleasing on the inside these days than the outside,simply because my outside isn’t as important to me but it seems to bother some so I will get up from my desk and don my walking attire and trudge down and back up that hill.  I will look to the sky at the top of the hill for inspiration to make that last leg and finish my trek and so , I hope you all do. Look to the sky for inspiration.

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