A future hero

I love this photograph. It shows my father and my oldest grandson Aidan, standing admiring my sisters garden. Aidan is all decked out in his Superman costume which he adored and wore often and my dad in his normal everyday attire but I see more. I see a young man in the making and the prime example he will follow. He only had 11 years to watch my dad but those were important years and he learned some very important lessons. Compassion and caring for people and animals, courtesy for the elderly as well as others, patience for my daddy never got in a hurry if he could help it and how to love.It’s Monday and the start of another week and I sit here trying to find my motivation to do this all over again and here in front of me is the lesson my father tried to instill in us all, just do what you have to do and do it right but don’t give up if you fail. My hero is gone but his memory will never fade in our hearts. Good morning all and I pray you have a wonderful week, love you !

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