Morning sky

I took several pictures this morning to decide what I should write about. What would pique my interest and bring out something positive to linger on and ponder ? One simply can’t beat the artistry of God’s own hand. I’ve often remarked about how I would love to learn how to paint, to express what I see in oils and acrylics but this is artistry on a much higher scale than I could ever hope to achieve and the best thing about this “canvas” is how every day,it changes. An art gallery with walls that hold an ever changing array of art and that is the world we live in. Often I am taken with admiration over the color of a flower, small and insignificant to most but amazing to those who can take the time to appreciate the details. To some who seem mired in figures these days, stop and take a moment to see more outside your narrow field of vision. You are missing one of the best shows out there and it’s free.

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