For those missing the sun

The sunshine was in full force yesterday,even illuminating a bit of the dim forest but today is rainy and overcast. So, in an effort to boost your spirits, I offer this photographic gift of light. Everyday during the week , I walk carefully down and back up this road in an effort to shrink my ever widening rear and strengthen muscles long unused to this kind of effort. In the beginning, those muscles were quite vocal but they soon learned that crying like a baby wasn’t getting them anywhere so they quieted down. Used to take me an hour to make the round trip but I’ve shaved off 15 minutes since I started so I’ve had to stop and do some meditation before I return. We don’t do enough true thinking these days. I thought on my way down yesterday and had an entertaining tale thought out in my mind. If only I had been able to remember all of it but the seed remains so perhaps I can make something of it but that isn’t the thinking I refer to. I’m talking about reveries. Those thoughts that come to a mind not concentrating on anything but just taking in the sights and sounds around. As I sat on the porch in the rocking chair , watching the rays of sun hit the trees and listening to the bird song around me, I thought how peaceful and happy I was in that moment and how I wished I could stay in that moment. However reveries restore the spirit, they don’t do much for the practical and so I ended my moment and walked on. Find your moment today if you can. It is amazing what one can endure when the spirit has been refilled.

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