After the rain

The rain is gone, the earth soaks up the moisture and life goes on. It’s grasscutting time today. After the cool drink the yard had yesterday, it will have to endure my mother and I running over it with the John Deere but that is just the way things are. I have to come to terms with the ways things are. No matter what logic and reason dictate, the way things are is just how it’s going to be from now on. I’ve heard it said ,don’t argue with a mule with blinders on and it’s true. Their narrow view prohibits them from seeing the bigger picture and they’re afraid to trust you because their eyes are telling them one thing and you’re pointing out something they can’t see so you are just wasting breath. Better to let them walk into the gully on their own, then maybe they’ll understand where they went wrong. Life is too short to waste time on things that in the long run always work out the same way. It’s Friday and I’m short and sassy and reasonably happy so smile, laugh if you can and enjoy living, it drives the whiners crazy!

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