before the storm

Yesterday was a quiet day for the most part. Went to church ,came home early( kidney stone) and generally lazed about. I did go out for a while in the afternoon and just stood  on the back porch watching the trees swaying in the wind and listening to the sound the air made as it rolled through the leaves. Watched the ripples cross the grasses in the meadow and thought about life. No one said it would be easy and no one promised perfection and while there are times  I do wish some things were easier, I like being alive better than the alternative.My challenge lately is to try and remain unperturbed by the conflicting opinions of others . It’s really hard when that conflict is housed inside the same mind but I must be like the ostrich and when danger comes, stick my long beak inside the hole and hope the danger passes quickly. I’m mulling around a story about trees or more about aliens masquerading as trees. It may morph into a real thing and it may just wither away but it gives my mind something to chew on. It’s Monday and it is May and I am determined to be positive and smile big and totally infuriate those who would be negative and mean so why don’t the rest of you join me? Let’s make Manic Monday a happy day today!


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