Missing faces

We have a family thing coming up and I am really looking forward to seeing family I haven’t seen in awhile and even family I haven’t seen before. For me, it will be like an early Christmas full of good food,laughter and fun. I’ll see the faces before me and rejoice in their presence but at the same time, I will notice the missing faces. I’m not talking about the ones who due to job or logistics can’t be there, I’m talking about the ones we’ve lost. Their spirits will be there, flowing from one group to another, as memories of them are shared but their faces will be missing. The beautiful sounds of their laughter will only echo in our memories but  thank God we have those. I was deep in thought the other day trying to remember my granddaddy Eubanks voice. I can still recall my grandmother as she called him to breakfast but I’ve forgotten how he sounded as he answered her. His smile I still have but the timbre of his voice eludes me. My dad laughed so big and I can’t imagine ever forgetting that sound  but that too may happen . We have these wonderful devices now on our cell phones enabling us to take little movies with ease and that’s a good thing when it comes to most things like recording a small child telling his mommy he loves her or laughing at a joke only they understand. Listen and listen well to those you love and care about for one day that may be all you have and those precious memories are worth more than any diamond or gold bar . Have a great day and stay safe!


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