In times like these

Sometimes bad things just happen, no one set out for those things to happen,they just did. They happen and we have to stop, take a few deep breaths and keep going. Maybe not as joyfully as we did before but that foot steps out and then the next and hopefully before we know it, the bad thing is way behind us and the pain it caused is not so sharp. I’m not there yet, things keep happening that expose that pain to light and air and it grows sharper. I remember once a while back someone made me angry and being the Southern girl I am, I immediately told them that’d I’d call my daddy and he’d take care of it. Oh he would have if he could have even then because he loved me so much but there’s nothing he can do now. The only thing I can do is pray, take deep breaths and put that foot out and keep on going . There may be tears in my eyes but there will be a smile on my face . It wobbles a bit but it is there!


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