Unexpected Places

This little building sits behind Rocky Top. It used to house the freezer among other things but it has seen its better days so nature has decided to reclaim it . The vines of the wisteria have almost conquered what man has built and in doing so, created a domicile that looks like the  fairies have moved in. Some might say trolls since it does look a bit dark and forbidding on the outside but if one lets their imagination take hold , then once through the opening a magical sunny world could open up before the eyes. Sometimes things look so forbidding on the outside but once past that, the light shows an unexpected place,a magical place or person. Some people are all sweetness and light on the outside but the darkness that inhabits the inside shows once one is allowed past the surface. Others seem so grumpy and cold on the outside that the sweet soul dwelling inside is a much welcomed surprise. There are people who are the same clear through  and no matter how deep you dig, you find the same as what covered the surface . However  , today I am choosing to regard this building in a whimsical view and spin a tale of a fairy kingdom and the little fairy named Chloe who followed a trail out of a cave and discovered a huge world outside full of surprises and danger. It’s Friday and this weekend promises a lot so go out there and find it!


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