The struggle

The photo looks deceptive. All sunshine and light, vibrant green and apparently no struggle present but look closer. That dark spot is a butterfly. It was so still to begin with I really thought it was dead but then I caught a frail wing move just a bit. It could either be newly hatched and dry ing its wings before it takes of into the world surrounding it or it could be old and at the end of its life, just sitting in the leaves waiting for death to come.I’m neither a young butterfly at the beginning of my journey or an old one at the end. I’d like to think I’m halfway through but my body says otherwise so maybe I’m two thirds of the way through. At any rate, struggle is a part of my life too. A daily occurrence that has intensified lately but one that I have to come to terms with, overcome  and triumph over. I’m not alone in this, many in my life deal with their own daily battles and my heart and prayers go out to them because it gets hard. Sometimes all that is wanted or needed is a few encouraging words and yet those go unsaid because people are afraid to offend. To me, it is only offensive if the words were said to hurt, words spoken in an attempt to bring comfort even if it’s not precisely what should have been said are fine. So, it is Monday and the start of a new week and your job is to go out into that world and be comforting and compassionate and encouraging and if you don’t, the only one you’ll hurt is yourself.  Have a great week!


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