Rock Face

I’m one of those people who see images in the dots on the ceiling tiles and other places. I can conjure a whole story from a Rorschach test blot. It’s just the way my mind and imagination work . So the other day as I was walking down the hill, the face in this rock caught my eye. One has to to kind of squinch the eyes and not focus but there are two eyebrows and a nose and mouth. The thing is it’s an exercise in looking beneath what lies on the surface, going beyond the obvious and seeing what could be possible if the mind will open enough to see it. We’re all guilty of making snap judgements and passing something up because we saw nothing to hold our interest at first glance but in doing so we passed up the chance for something great. So, maybe give the “rock” a second look or the person or situation, you might just find a jewel of great promise. Have a terrific Tuesday!

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