Nature’s garden and my mom

My mother has long tended her garden up here on Fern Hill as she calls our current domicile. Since it sits in mostly shade, hostas have been her plant of choice but there are other varieties included such as lilies and roses. The thing I enjoy most about her gardens are the touches of whimsy. The little fairies and the little house which was to have housed birds I think but migrated to ground level and serves as a gathering spot for the fae. A dear friend gave me his hammock and it sits in the midst inviting passersby to come lay a while and take it all in. We sat and discussed the relocation of the containers of plants down to what will become her new garden and a new opportunity to explore a different layout. Sometimes something different is what is needed, change things a bit for we can grow too accustomed to the way things are and miss out on something really spectacular . The whimsy will travel as well although I am hoping the decapitated St Francis will be laid to rest and perhaps a new one will take its place as guardian over the animals and plants. So, to Thursday, I raise my coffee cup and say GOOD MORNING and good luck to all!

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