Just listen

I had one of those dreams last night, the kind where you are running around like a chicken with its  head cut off trying to herd baby chicks across a 8 lane highway . This ,of course, left me waking up feeling nervous and frazzled and I really do have too much to accomplish today to waste time on nerves so just in case any of you might be feeling the same way this morning for whatever reason I’m posting birds. Just listen to the birds,seagulls are notorious for their calls and usually it’s not a soothing sound but just listen to the birds .The sounds eventually get through the anxiety and one realizes that these are just communications, bird talking to bird. Now in real life, there are plenty of twits talking but just listen to the real avian population. It will calm you down and help you realize the truth of the matter. It’s Sunday, a lot of us have a very busy week ahead so take some time today to listen, just listen to the birds.

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