Frosty mornings

Aye , and it is a very frosty morning that I woke up to.   I did leave a tiny heater going last night ,mostly pointed towards the bathroom to keep the pipes warm but as for me, I like my bedroom cool so I can snuggle under the blankets with my pillow I shall call Percy. Yes, I’m single and mostly likely to remain that way as I have become most particular as to  what man I allow into my life.  First he must be single as I do not care to share with another woman and he must be addiction free, a Scotch now and then isn’t a problem but drinking the bar dry is!  Self supporting is needed as my own coffers are severely sparse  and while I love to share, two can not live on one potato!  He needs to appreciate nature in all its glory and not averse to sinking a lure into the lake or stream now and then. A fond familiarity with reading  would be nice as I do love to read but it dosn’t have to be “War  and Peace”, “Field and Stream” does just fine. A love of camping is also agreeable so long as he agrees to dump the bucket. I can’t hit the broadside of a wide barn but if he hunts, I do adore a good deer roast.  Affection is well received and freely given. I’m realizing ,as I write, I may only find this masculine ideal in my fictional writings but hope springs eternal so maybe ,just maybe , this fellow is out there somewhere lost in the real world, attempting to land on my doorstep. I assure you I am not holding my breath but I might just be casting the odd eye over there now and then just to check.  So, now that I have flexed my writing muscle, perhaps I should travel over into the fictional world I have created and finish my latest short story. I just had the aliens vanish all animal and insect life on Earth, which has left the television news people speechless. Maybe that’s why I can’t finish. I am so very sick and tired of the real life versions that having silenced their fictional counterparts, I an unable to give back their voice! So, if you happen by and give this paragraph a loosee, enjoy it and your day!

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