Winter chill brings flower memory

There are those who utterly adore the bone chilling cold of winter and even exhibit giddiness when confronted with a blanket of wet snow.  I am so not one of these kind of people. I adore the spring and summer, when Mother Nature exhibits all the treasures God has graced her with. My arthritic bones rejoice in the warmth of the  rays from the sun and my eyes are over whelmed with the panoply of color that washes the landscape outside my room. Oh, there is color in winter  but it is restrained, not celebrating life but showing the shades of decay. Winter shows my discontent as it leads to introspection  since sitting or walking outside  and being active isn’t pleasant so I stay ,cooped up inside my aerie,thinking about  life and  all its chapters. This beautiful bloom would be considered a weed I suppose but just look at the color and the delicate petals. After all, all flora was wild and thought of as weeds till someone had the thought about planting the seeds of one plant and pollinating with another.  This practice has lead to a huge variety of  plants and some of the prettiest gardens in the world.  One day, I will have my garden and hopefully ,more spring than winter so that I may sit and dream while surrounded by total beauty!


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