My love affair with clouds

I don’t really know why precisely I love to look and take pictures of clouds. It could just be their beauty, the white fluffy ones against the brilliant blue sky or the shapes they take on. This particular cloud formation  brings to mind a pirate with a parrot perched on his shoulder as he scans the ocean for another victim. Could be a snake about to pounce on his handler, who knows? It is  up to the eye of the beholder what they see after all. The clouds that are present at sunrise and sunset can also present breathtaking works of divine art. It’s that inticate dance between the sunshine and the drops of moisture that make up the clouds that draws me in and refuses to let go. Such a simple ,yet at the same time, complicated interaction that provides we cloud watchers with such exquisite artworks that change by the seconds at times . As a world we are so very busy now that we seldom look at the sky. Oh we take notice if it rains like it is today or something horrible and tragic happens and the sky is filled with smoke or like 9/11, the skies grow silent and no sound is heard except the sounds of sorrow and fear.  I say we should do more cloud watching and less of trying to control the uncontrollable. Look up and perhaps find your soul!

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