My green valley

I own the movie about another green valley but my valley isn’t fictional . Right at the moment it isn’t this green either. Christmas Eve  and my green valley is more brown than green and more gray in outlook but given my penchant for photography, I have a surplus of pictures of it. People wonder why I take pictures and write about nature but they shouldn’t. I mean, nature has yet to pitch a hissy fit about my photos and little paragraphs about its beauty. It never pours out its anger and frustration onto my shoulders nor pours condemnation for youthful sins  down upon me like corruscating acid,designed only to cause pain. It is quite simply beautiful , everyday ,even in the dreary gray of a rainy day, there is still beauty. Artistry created by God and designed to fill the soul with joy. I may never write the great American novel but if I can ,with my bits and pieces ,show this artwork then I will be content.

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