ImageIt’s been  32 years since this picture was taken. That’s my niece I’m holding and she’s sitting on top of my soon to be born daughter Caroline who turns 32 tomorrow. Where did the time go? It’s cliche but true,time went quicker than I thought at the time. 9 months seemed to drag by  although there were a few humorous moments such as the wedding I attended a week after my due date had come and gone. Every uncomfortable shift in position or  slight moan brought the ones sitting near me to ask if I were going to “drop that baby right here?” but no, she decided she wasn’t ready until the 25th. Oh I thought I was so ready and prepared for the birth, her father and I had attended Lamaze classes  and really, how painful could it be? I had witnessed cattle and other animals giving birth and they seemed to do just fine so I was sure I would sail through this. They do say pride goeth before a fall and well, it did but epidurals , competent nurses and Hortman,Wilcox,Cates and the ever precious and sweet voiced Dr Jordan saved the day and I had this beautiful baby girl. 8 pounds and 4 ounces of female and she was and still is, amazing. She now has children of her own and is living the life that I find myself missing terribly . Silly ,isn’t it? Missing those days of diapers and clutter and 24 hour responsibility for another human life but mostly what I miss is being able to see my child every day and be there when she needs me, hold and comfort her when she needs her mommy but that’s the way life goes. My own sweet parents still ,I think, see me as their baby and there are times when I’d give anything to still be able to crawl into my daddy’s lap and let him make everything better or tell my mother about all my problems and let her tell me how to fix them but time has gone by and while I could still handle my little girl crawling in my lap for a hug, my daddy just couldn’t handle my bulk but he can still hug me and that is a good thing. Almost 32 years ago, I started my journey as a mother and of all the things I done in my life, being a mom is one I have never and will never regret because the good moments, the love far outweigh any bad moments. So  ,Caroline Leigh, just in case I don’t say it tomorrow, Happy Birthday and thank you  for loving your crazy mom because she sure does love you! Good morning!